Hello, I’m Zsolt, an independent frontend/backend WordPress developer living in Leiden, Netherlands. I focus on creating fully custom WordPress websites since 2009.

My clients/organizations are from all over the world (literally) and I am helping them to achieve a perfect online presence. I create custom websites using WordPress as CMS and code the Themes and Plugins based on exact business requirements.

Because coding is a very technical process the majority of the time I help my clients define the functionality needed to achieve their desired outcomes. I try to explain in simple terms how things work behind the scene so everyone involved in the process can understand what we are working on and take decisions together. I like to involve my clients in the creation process so that by the time we finish a website everyone feels they were a part of the result and usually the outcome is much better.

Do you have a custom project?

Do you like clear communication, good technical advice, and high-quality implementation? (who doesn’t :-))